On September 1, 1919, Henry and Nellie Dorsett and their three daughters lived in Blue Lake community, east of Alto in Cherokee County, TX.  They set out westerward in their mule-drawn wagon to find cotton to pick.  Their trip, roughly along the El Camino Real, took five days, leading them through Alto, Crocket, Malvern, and finally bringing them to Centerville in Leon County.
  In Centerville, Henry found Jim Sinclair in front of the county courthouse.  He arranged to live in an abandoned farmhouse on Jim's property and pick cotton for desperately needed income.

  The Dorsets and Sinclairs soon became fast friends, and unbenownst to them at the time, were eventually to become relatives.

  After the Dorsetts returned to Blue Lake they learned of tragic events which had befallen the families of Jim and a colored preacher, Thomas Turner.
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A Historical Novel Set in 1919 Leon County, TexasSOON TO BE RELEASED
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